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Everything at The Old Apothecary is made from scratch.

The bread, pastries, cakes, fillings, and frostings are made using the highest quality ingredients available.

Locally sourced where possible. Inspiration sourced globally.

Reviews and Testimonials

I have only tried the croissant so far... but what a treat ! A single bite will blow you away.

I found in this croissant the same taste than the ones I had in France. Multiple layers of soft dough. A tiny bit of crunchiness outside and so much moisture inside. Just the right taste of butter. A balance that will make you eat another one as soon as you have done with this one. I want to try to add a spoon of bitter orange jam inside and see if It can transport me back home just for 5 minutes.

But who am I? Shall you trust my review? If you are skeptical just do the test yourself:

  • Go to the TOA and buy a croissant.
  • Then go to ANY other bakery and buy a croissant.
  • Try both.
I have no doubt about the outcome of this experiment.

- Nicolase, facebook

Great atmosphere! I love the cozy vibe, and find it easy to spend hours here. Every time I've come the music has been superb, and the room has been at a great temperature- two things that I find hard to come by in some cafes around. Staff are very friendly and easygoing too which is nice. Would definitely recommend!

- Sam, yelp

I've picked up a baguette and two croissants this afternoon just to try. The croissant made me cry it was so good - It's a buttery little moonshaped slice of heaven.

It is just the right amount of flaky and melts in your mouth. I am from France, I know my croissant, and that stuff is good.

- Viviane, facebook

I just ate one of their lemon tarts and it was the BEST I have ever had in my 54 yrs! Everything about it was perfect, real lemony tart custard and oh so light and dreamy with a beautiful presentation. I can't wait to slice into the cheese bread I bought.

- Marjorie, google reviews

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The Old Apothecary Bakery & Cafe

1549 Barrington Street

Halifax, Nova Scotia

(902) 423 1500

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Mon - Fri: 8:00 - 5:00

Saturday: 9:00 - 5:00

Sunday: Closed