Weekly Bread Bag

How does it work?

It’s easy! Just pick your location from the options below and follow the steps to order your 4 week subscription bag.
Each week we will deliver a bag of fresh bread and pastries to your door!

New subscriptions must be made by Sunday to receive that weeks bag. 


Don’t see your building listed?  

We are starting with a few select locations, but will be expanding.
If your building isn’t available, add your email to the bread bag updates below and let us know where you are located! 

We will add new places based on interest.


Subscription Bread Bags

for 1

1 Sourdough

2 Butter Croissants

$13 / week

Billed every 4 weeks.

for 2

1 Baguette

1 Sourdough

2 Butter Croissant

$17 / week

Billed every 4 weeks.

for 4

2 Baguettes

2 Sourdough

4 Butter Croissants

$34 / week

Billed every 4 weeks.

Pick your location

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