Have you ever wanted to learn how to get a thousand layers in a croissant? Or how to ice a cake like a pro? Or maybe how to shape a boule (or even just learn what a boule is). You’re in luck. Since moving into our new kitchen, TOA is expanding our offerings to add classes in our new space. Starting in February we will have a regular class schedule for what we’ve heard you are interested in. 

To book classes email us at or fill out the form below, and we will be in touch!

Croissant Classes

Jump into a 4 hour croissant class that will have you laminating dough, shaping butter and chocolate croissants, and baking from fresh and frozen. Leave the class with a pack of croissants, and a fresh baked pastry for good measure. 

$150 per person.

Dates Available:

Mar 7 / Mar 14 / Apr 18 / Apr 25

Sourdough Classes

Starter. Boule. Gluten development. Crust. Crumb.

Learn how to make bread starting at … well.. the starter. We’ll give you a piece of Theresa to take home, and show you how to care for her, as well as how to make a sourdough boule. You’ll leave with everything you need to make bread at home.

$150 per person.

Dates Available:

Apr 4 (FULL)

Cake Decorating Classes

Want to show up all the other moms at birthday parties? Come for a 2.5 hour cake decorating class and learn to pipe roses, create the perfect ombre icing, and other fun cake decorating techniques. Leave with a 6″ cake, and new skills to impress everyone with!

Classes are $200 per person.

Dates Available:

Mar 18 (evening)

Eclair Classes

We opened our doors in 2015 with chocolate eclairs. If you’d like to be able to impress your friends with your pastry expertise, this class will have you making our eclairs confidently, while also extolling the virtues of Pâte à choux and take the fear out of pastry cream.

Classes are $150 per person.

Dates Available:

Mar 16 (evening)

Other Classes

Is there something you’d like to learn that we don’t have up here? Maybe you have a great class idea, and just want to share. Drop us a message and we will see what we can do!

Mother's Day Cake

Bring your mom in to decorate the perfect Mother’s Day Cake.We will show you how to pipe flowers, blend icing and talk about different kinds of icing you can use. 

Leave with a 6″ cake, decorated by you and your mom

Classes are $150 per person. 

Dates Available:

May 9

Father's Day Cake

I know what you’re thinking, but hear me out!

Come in for a 3 hour class to learn how to make our apple butter rum cake. While your cake is in the oven, we’ll have a rum tasting done by a local distillery. What could be better than cake and rum for Father’s Day 🙂


Dates Available:

June 20