About Us!

The Old Apothecary

1496 Lower Water Street

Cafe Hours:

SUNDAY | 9am - 4pm
MONDAY | 8am - 4pm
TUESDAY | 8am - 4pm
WEDNESDAY | 8am - 8pm
THURSDAY | 8am - 8pm
FRIDAY | 8am - 8pm
SATURDAY | 8am - 8pm

The TOA Story

Laura MacLeod and daughter Katie MacLeod started The Old Apothecary in May, 2015. The name pays tribute to the Old Apothecary’s original location, a former drug store built in 1910. 

Family travels had them living in Auckland, New Zealand, Bensheim, Germany and Charlotte, North Carolina before they found their way back home after 14 years. Although Laura had been self employed for years, owning a bakery was a very new experience. A fresh culinary school diploma and 1000 ideas later, it seemed like the right path.

Katie’s background, an art degree, graphic design, retail management and a coffee addiction helped make those ideas a reality. 

5 years and a new location later, the only thing that hasn’t been changed, tested or challenged is their commitment to giving you damn good food and coffee.

Owning a small business is not for the faint of heart, opening a restaurant with zero experience is not something either would recommend. But being able to proudly hand someone something that’s made from scratch with as much passion and love as you came into it with is worth the effort. 

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